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IAM Maturity Assessment

The assessment in a nutshell : the “why”, the “what” and the “how”

The goal

Assessing IAM processes and systems is one of the powerful path to properly enhancing the maturity of any IAM landscape. Moreover, the absence of visibility and insights regarding IAM practices may lead to budget and implementations failures. Our belief is that such an assessment should become a “gate’” before any IAM project start and remain accessible for companies from any scale.

The approach

In accordance with your business, we concentrate on the most senseful areas of IAM. This approach avoids the dilution of the effort and leads to a concrete plan.

Who never filled in an online questionnaire and received a generic report in return, that is not actionable ? We directly engage with your collaborators ; this ensures that findings and our recommendations are coherent with the realities of your organization.

The methodology

We have built a process that makes the assessment focused and efficient : throughout three phases, it combines the preparation, the run of the assessment and the delivery of what you need for moving forward in your IAM journey.

The benefits

There are several reasons of being assessed.

On the Budget

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According to a McKinsey survey of IT executives, large IT projects run over budget 45% of the time, while delivering 56% less value than planned. The same study found that 17% of projects go so badly that they “threaten the very existence of the company.”

The IAM Maturity Assessment will lead to budget control by avoidance of wrong assumptions and poor project composition.

On the Timeline

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Is “agility” a pitfall to project timeboxing ? Do you have the adequate resources in hands anytime you need to assure you walk in the right direction ?

Thanks to its format, the IAM Maturity Assessment can happen at every moment of your IAM journey and this, without pausing or interfering with ongoing activities.

On Your Posture

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What is worst than keeping static your security posture evaluation in a constantly evolving market ?

The IAM Maturity Assessment is continuously adapted to emerging Identity capabilities and market trends. Therefore, it is a tool for refreshing the status of your security posture as well.


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